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Do you currently own a malfunctioning or broken vacuum? The Vacuum Store in Webster, MA is the place for vacuum cleaner service and / or repairs in the Central, MA area. At The Vacuum Store, we service and repair a variety of vacuum cleaner styles, brands, and models.
With years of knowledgeable and professional experience behind The Vacuum Store’s name, we can handle any vacuum cleaner issue including:

•   Cord
•   Handle
•   Plug In / Power On
•   Inner Bag / Outer bag
•   Lights
•   Roller Brush
•   Base plate
•   Microsweep
•   Wheels
•   Side brushes
•   Fan housing
•   Filter
•   Hose

At The Vacuum store, we strive to ensure that your vacuum cleaner is operating to its full potential. If you are having issues with your current vacuum cleaner, contact The Vacuum Store to schedule a repair today.

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